PHOTONORDICA/CARL CELIUS: Timing and mutual respect makes great pictures


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Levitaion Photography from the upcoming Street Portrait 8.


Nov 08, 2017 - Release Date, Street Portrait 8. Taekwondo WT. The Brothers, John Asp and Victor Asp.


Nov 03, 2017 - Upcoming Street Portrait. From the Norwegian National Team. The brothers, John Asp and Victor Asp.


Today's Photoshoot at Gym Ila, BJJ Seminar with Andre Fievel, Frontline Academy Bergen.



Are You Next Street Portrait?


October 12, 2017 - Sjekk ut bildene fra SW / MMA økta forrige uke!
Ønsker dere å bruke bildene eller få de printet, så må dere ta kontakt med fotografen Carl Celius for å kjøpe rettighetene for noen kroner.
Vil også bruke anledningen til å takke Carl Celius for alle de gangene han har kommet innom å tatt bilder hos oss!


Oct 06, 2017 - The last free photoshoot by PHOTONORDICA/CARL CELIUS . 78 pictures of approximatly 226 pictures are ready. Lot of editing remains. Stay tuned.


Oct 02, 2017 - The last free photoshoot of training by PHOTONORDICA/CARL CELIUS. It took place in Drammen with Nic Ruben Nikolaisen at Frontline Academy. Stay Tune For Some Powerful Pictures.

Street Portrait 7

Sep 26, 2017 - Boxer, Grethe Kristine Kraugerud. Gym Ila. 2train.

Grethe Kristine Kraugerud

Who's Next

Sep 17, 2017 - The Hunt is On. Who's next to get lucky. Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, it's going to be good for the norwegian martial arts community. Osu!


Sep 17, 2017 - Sigmund Hollerud:
Tusen takk til Carl Celius for kule bilder! En av de i Norge som har vært med på å promotere kampsport i Norge med fantastiske bilder i mange år.

Feedback Sigmund Hollerud


Sep 16, 2017 - 09:36 - In the crossroad of Nobels gate and Drammensveien, hundreds of marathon runners ran past Carl Celius.
With a 70-200mm lens and the camera in manual mode Carl tried to capture this awsum moment. Stay tuned for some pretty good pictures.
Information about BMW OSLO MARATHON 2017,


Sep 09 - Aristo Manzouri:
Stor takk til en fantastisk fotograf Carl Celius. Carl har brukt mange år og tusener av bilder for og promotere skylder han mye.

Street Portrait 5

Sep 09 - Street Portrait Nr. 6 with Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Sigmund Hollerud, Frontline Academy Oslo, Norway.

Aristo Manzouri

Sep 04 - Upcoming Street Portrait with, Personal Fighter Trainer, Aristo Manzouri. Stay Tuned.

Streetshots! It's All About Portrait Photography

August 24 - Streetshots, is all about portrait photography of people in the martial arts community.
You can choose to represent your club wearing gear with a logo.
Or you can come as you are with no strings attached to martial arts. Photo. Carl Celius.

Tourists Couple

Christoffer Darre

Aug 20 - MMA Fighter Chistoffer Darre, Frontline Academy Oslo, Norway. Combat Corner Norge. Intense pictures of an intense MMA Fighter.
The picture was captured at Akershus Fortress who's has been guarding the capital Oslo for 700 years.

Christoffer Darre

Barnas Trygghet

August 21 - Støtt Barnas Trygghet!
Gi ditt bidrag på knr: 1503 87 76468/vipps 91783
På bildet er, Daniel Lopez. Mer info: - Foto. Carl Celius.

Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez

Aug 20 - Muay Thai Fighter Daniel Lopez, Frontline Muay Thai, Norway. Stay tuned folks for some nice pictures of a great fighter.

Daniel Lopez

Street Photography Undetected

Aug 18 - Photo and text by Carl Celius - Most of the people in the street are aware of whats going on in their visual field. As a streetphotographer you have to work carefully if you want to shoot people with your camera.

With Wireless Remote Shutter Release from Hänel you can undisturbed shoot your pictures. Its almost immpossible to get the horizontal line but you will for shure get some interesting results. Recommended lenses are, 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. Hang the camera around your neck or hold it in your hand and put on your poker face, pretend your just walking. There is no such thing as silent shutter release function with a DSLR. When shooting pictures very close to people make shure that streetsounds are loud enough to cover the camera shutter sound.. Caputured this tourist on Karl Johan the main street in Oslo, Norway , with a Zoom Lens 14-24mm - Focal Lenght 18mm - f/20.0 - 1/1250 - Iso 2500 Auto Mode. View other examples shooting undetected.

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Street Photography

Street Portrait

Aug 16 - Street Portrait is a brand new concept. It's all about individuals in the martial arts community representing them themselves and the club/academy. Hopefully you will be seeing fighters from, different martial arts styles.

This will put a whole new perspective on the martial arts communities in norway. Time will tell if this is something to aim for. Street Portrait will be free of charge for a period of time. Take a look at the first Street Portrait shoot with, Muay Thai fighter, Anne Line Hogstad/Ninja Line, Frontline Muay Thai from the first photoshoot.

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Anne Line Hogstad

Martial Arts Photography

Aug 15 - The passion for Martial Arts Photography have come to an end. A decision is made regarding the martial arts photography. There will be no more free photography of Training and Championship.

It has been a privilge to meet the trainers and fighters who's doing a great job for the Martial Arts community. Marital arts is a huge part of PHOTONORDICA. You will still see martial arts on PHOTONORDICA. Street Portrait, a new consept with Local Fighter in Focus.

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Barnas Trygghet

Aug 7 - Støtt Barnas Trygghet!
Gi ditt bidrag på knr: 1503 87 76468/vipps 91783
På bildet er, Anne Line Hogstad. Mer info: - Foto. Carl Celius.

Anne Line Hogstad